Christian Coaching

Christian Coaching

Are you searching for God and want to have a deeper and more intimate walk with your Creator? Whether you are passing through a difficult life cycle or you’re charting life with relative ease, you might simply want to experience more of God and His love in your life through the gentle probing of coaching.

I am a certified Christian life coach, my specialty and passion is to help people connect more deeply with God and to assist them find new clarity on their gifting, personality, stage of growth, purpose and calling. I’ve been helping people connect with God for over 20 years as a minister and missionary.

I offer to walk alongside you, pray with you, pose questions, draw out and hear the things God might be speaking to your heart and leave lots of room for the Holy Spirit to move. I want to assist you and love to draw upon my own times of fires and failures where I met God. Contact me, and we’ll walk and meet God together.

Generally the coaching sessions will be less like a dialogue between coach and client, but more of a facilitated monologue of you the client. I will help you draw out and we will hear the things God might be speaking directly to your heart. As a coach I will seek to be as ‘invisible’ as possible, posing questions and making space for exploration and listening.

You will hear God’s inner calls as you really listen to the words you’ll be speaking in response to the questions I will pose. Depending on your needs as the client, homework assignments can be scheduled times of private spiritual retreat as well as private daily devotions, journaling or praying, fasting, scripture searching or memorizing, or spending time with God in silence and solitude.

An important part of each session will be to join together in prayer for anything that is on your heart and for any aspects of your personal relationship with God. As an optional part of the coaching I will offer you helpful and faith-building resources and reading articles pertaining to your personal walk with God.

Let me walk alongside you as a confidant and help you connect with God in your daily life, for He is the source of love, happiness, peace, freedom, and the best that life has to offer. Get inspired to develop your spiritual walk with God and discover the wonderful, practical benefits of doing so.

Go to Coaching Packages to find out about my detailed Coaching offers, the fee structure and my contact info. For reading articles that will feed your soul and help you in your spirtual walk with God, head over to the Faith-Life section of my Website.

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